söndag 31 oktober 2010

2010 Virtual Photowalk - Ordinary, Scenic Sunday

For the first time I did all themes of the month. I left the window at the side of the photo to show that I'm actually looking out the window and I also like the reflection of the tree in the window
Waking up and looking out of my window at this tree is right now the start of my day

6 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Hiya christina,
That is a bird-cherry (Prunus) I take it?
Like with you, it is cheering up the view from my work room. But it is now rather sparse, as many of the lovely leaves have dropped.
They are like flowers, aren't they?

Anonym sa...

We have so many empty branches now. The leaves have fallen. This is a pretty tree to set your eyes on when you start your day!

Tammie Lee sa...

ah how beautiful~

Eden sa...

Lovely Autumn colors.

Anonym sa...

Loving those Autumn colors...we have very little color left here, so I am glad I get to enjoy yours!

victoria eugenia sa...

Muy bonitas estas fotografías, tienen un colorido precioso. Saludos. Victoria.