tisdag 23 mars 2010

2010 Virtual Photowalk - Conspicuous

A rainy misty day, I stayed inside and tested some free photomanipulation and had great fun, thanks to Sue who had the tip :-). You can find the link HERE  
I show you some examples here, what about reflections of the first flowers at my house, a Rubic's cube of my dog, a circle of a cactus with great flowers that I have  inside, a puzzle of my daugthers dog or a HDR of a cake direct from the oven

I had great fun!!

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Wow, I am definitely going to get that one. A rubics cube of my dogs would be great. The cake looks yummy :-)

Reader Wil sa...

I go for the cake! It looks so delicious! Your photos are so brilliant. Thanks for your visit!

Chesney sa...

I saw these all over on facebook and was impressed by all of the cool effects! I saved the link, I will have to play when I have time!

Kala sa...

That CAKE looks fabulous.

JohnA sa...

Neat site for a bit of fun.
Thanks for telling us about it.