söndag 21 mars 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

a follow-up from last week as I thought I'd show you the beautiful dog of mine and not only his shadow so here is both him and his shadow this week .

6 kommentarer:

Chesney sa...

He looks so happy to be romping in that snow...the little doggy prints and the big human ones are fabulous together! Love this!

Sylvia K sa...

And what a handsome young man he is!! Love his thick fur coat and his happy prints in the snow!

Have a great week, Christina!


Stine in Ontario sa...

He's very handsome!

Lily Hydrangea sa...

He's so cute! & I love the blue shadows too.
: )
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wanderlust sa...

Love this photo, beautiful dog! The snow looks like lots of fun for him. Those three footprints in the left hand corner are very interesting to me as well.

Sweet Repose sa...

Look at the beautiful coat on the little Sheltie...and you can see from the snow why it's needed, what a cutie!