fredag 2 april 2010

2010 Virtual Photowalk - Four

This is an important part of Easter for me. I pick some thin birch twigs a bit before easter so they can develope small leaves. If you enlarge the photo you can see that it's getting green! Makes a great spring-feeling. The eggs are real ones. I keep them carefully and these are some years old. On easter Saturday we usually eat a buffet. One thing is hardbolied eggs wich we paint with watercolor. If you open them and eat them carefully you have the eggshells and after washing them even more carefully you can make a small hole at the top for the thread. If you want to se some more Easterdecorations visit this post om my other blog.  I wish you all a Happy Easter!!

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

How pretty, Christina! Happy Easter to you!


Chesney sa...

I love trees that bloom easter eggs! Beautiful!

Livet i byn sa...

Vilket härligt påskris, påsken går bara för fort!!

Fortsatt trevlgi påsk helg på dig!

~Livet i byn

Anonym sa...

Beautiful decorations both here and on your other blog. Happy Easter!!